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    Verbal Aikido - Mastering the Moment "Advanced Communication Skills for the Trusted Advisor Team" is convenient, comprehensive, and cost effective.

    "Maybe the most Advanced Communications Program Ever!"

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  • Advanced Communications for the Trusted Advisor Team

    Become a more effective self-manager and influencer by learning to communicate honestly, openly, respectfully and directly.

    No matter the environment, situation or whom you are speaking with – Verbal Aikido can change your world. Master each moment to improve the odds for better relationships, great opportunities, and to get, keep and profitably serve the right clients.

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  • Walk, Run or Fly

    Experience your program at your own pace in the comfort of your home office, in the format you prefer.

    Set the pace and schedule to fit your life. Take a year or a week to finish. The Verbal Aikido course does not have a rigid schedule for lectures or tight timelines. You can do your reading, listening to lectures and do assignments 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

    Choose your schedule:
    Walk: one year
    Run: three months
    Fly: one week

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  • Thought-Provoking Delivery

    "We have had the pleasure of working with James for over 4 years. He has the unique ability to deliver high impact Verbal Aikido training at all organization levels from the Frontline to Senior Executives. His thought-provoking delivery style combined with in-depth research fosters a safe and high trust-learning environment. He is very results-driven with a nice touch of professional humour to get his points across. His classes are highly motivating and engaging with learner feedback consistently in the 80%-95% range."

    Claudette Knight
    Director, Workplace Learning & Effectiveness
    Meridian Credit Union

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Verbal Aikido Online Only $49.50/Month
or just $495 for a Full Year
Limited Time Offer

Develop Your Power to:

  • Double your Productivity
  • Negotiate Anything 
  • Say 'No" Respectfully
  • Improve ALL Your Relationships
  • Confidently Engage Anyone
  • Ethically Influence Anyone Anywhere
  • Calmly Handle Anything That Comes at You

An experiential on-line learning experience

  • 52 Engaging Video Training Sessions – Online 24/7
  • 8 Chapters all Compounding in Intensity and Complexity
  • Insightful Self Assessment Tools
  • Real World Exercises to Reinforce Your Development
  • Downloadable PDF Full Color Study Guide
  • Download Program to any Handheld Device on MP3
  • PDF Downloadable Transcript of Program
  • FREE Lifetime Program Upgrades and Updates!

Join the thousands of people who already rave about their successes from using the Verbal Aikido communication strategies taught in this course. Manage your relationships better and naturally grow your network of business.





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“This course was very insightful. Many skills and tools that I can take back with me to provide good service for our members and show them that Meridian truly cares.” –...

“This course was very insightful. Many skills and tools that I can take back with me to provide good service for our members and James managed to present ‘Emotional Intelligence’...

“This training is priceless. I felt I had just finished an extensive university scale of learning in a very realistic and effective manner. Thank you.” – Jocelyn F., Independent student

“Very excellent! Teaches the importance of the psychology of selling.” – JP G., CIBC Wood Gundy